Scotiabank there bullshit and fraud

Since about January I myself personally have had the immense displeasure at dealing with Scotiabank over thousands of dollars that apparently were siphoned off my bank account by some means I don’t know yet.I go to the branch tell them about the fact there’s something fishy goin with my account.Well they direct me to head office I tell them what’s goin on then they direct me to the branch who then directs me to head office who then direct me to securities and fraud dept who then redirect me to the branch and around and around goes the merry go round until ohh 5 months down the road and guess what the completely useless and inept people working at the branch flat out telling me oh we’re sry sir you have to contact head office it’s our policy that the branch doesn’t deal with this kinda of thing that’s firbhead office .police report and all and still scotia bank doesnt donavgid damned thing,and I’m not talking about a few hundred bucks here this borders on close to 10 grand !!!!! For fuck sakes and yet Scotiabank doesn’t do a fkn thing so how safe do feel with your Scotiabank account wait until it’s your turn on the Scotiabank merry go round to fkn nowhere the worst most inept and completely useless bank personnel there is out there fkn ass clowns…

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