Never a dull moment in the hoodi

Now this one gets a little compex and twisty.With maybe 3 stories kinda linking it all together.we start with my girlfriend and i we getting along good things happy happy she has lots of bagage but we were dealing with it day by day just ask ger to trust me and keep it honest.Then things start going sideways her anxiety through the roof all kinds of crazy coming out such as my very first blog dishonest, disillusioned,and left destitute touched on.Menapause starts up nicly everything gets crazy she decides to leave ok fine go with it go get healthy again do what she needs to do.She asks if i can help son place to crash a few weeks till on feet agai n so why not i help him.anway things go from amicable to worse granted i became a bit prickish.Then old skelletons start falling out of closet like use to be an escort and hooker and lots of other endless drama.One night her son my nephew arent seeing eye to eye my nephew literally knocks him out i give him first aid bring him around hes doin ok. Well i figured his mother should know what happened so i tell her. 45 mins later his mother shows up with idiot nieghbor another so called reformed hooker and some extra boddies and well it starts cracking off ex son attacks nephew again i try to stop it so called heavy decides he wants a shot at the title and so i gave him an acomadation.Grabbed him by the throat and manhandle his ass.Well then someone decides it would be the perfect time to break out the goof be gone brear spray to the rest of the world.Well now we got a fkn party.Of course this brings the usual suspects ems,fire dept cops you know the trifecta.We shall see how the drama unfolds.Until the the next chaptet unfolds i have the burn and sting of bear spray to wash off..